250mL Hyperion

HYPERION is a Water based Super Tough, High Solids, Ultra Low VOCs, Scratch resistant Top Coat.
HYPERION dries Crystal Clear and leaves a beautiful gloss finish

**Recommended Temperature range is 10-35 degrees Celsius. Recommended Humidity is up to 70%** (updated 11/3/22)

Hyperion is an amazing product that does not leave any amber or blue tint. It builds to a high depth super quick to give a great solid finish, due to its short recoat time. It can also be mixed with all other products in the W&B range.

Adheres to wood, metal, acrylic, glass and more.

Excellent for use on Tumblers, Instruments, Paintings, Crafts & So much more…

Environmentally Safe – Ultra low VOCs

Can be brushed or sprayed

Clean Brushes with warm water.

Quick Drying – Recoat in 2 hours – Dry to the touch in 30 mins to an hour

Curing time of 10 days

Certified Food Safe and toy safe IN THE UK

Heatproof upto 100 degrees celcius (212 degrees fahrenheit)

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