250mL Helios Crafters Glue

Helios II Crafters Glue – The most amazing crafters glue available.

Dries crystal clear to leave you glitter sparkling as it if weren’t even there. Perfect with foils, tack-it method, adding and sealing glitter, paper, card etc

Why Helios II?

Thicker formula,

Comes clean off your brushes and hands

Reduction in cost

Is a complete crafters glue and can be used for foils, glitter, paper, card, etc.

Dry times same as before, but slightly quicker for the tack it method

Still sticky once dry, but reduces contamination of glitters,

It a NON solvent, eco friendly, water based Craft Glue that makes high strength, water resistant permanent bonds.

Can be used with a brush and requires cleaning with warm water.

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